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Reference Number:PAC-04
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
重量:100 lbs

Coffee details


Three Stage True Carbonic Maceration Fermentation and Slow Drying in Raised Beds.
Our newly developed 3 stages process, is a time based temperature control fermentation, which is a way to unify the positive characteristics and attributes of a classic natural honey and carbonic maceration. The result is the delivery of a constant truly enhanced vibrant cup of coffee.

Farm details

Producer Name: MAS CAFE PANAMA

Producer Story:

Finca Minerva is a farm in Boquete, in the area of Volcancito Arriba. A farm blessed by its location on the skirts of the Baru Volcano. Rich soils, an abundance of rainfall, temperatures between 18/22 C throughout the year, makes a perfect micro climate and agricultural conditions for the cultivation of coffee. Finca Minerva was a typical successful traditional coffee farm, until we fell in love with the Pacamara variety and decided to renew the plantation and replace it with the Pacamara that stole our hearts. Since then, this specialty farm has been taken care of with updated technology, together with our love and extra attention. Finca Minerva, in the pass 3 years, has been within the top 5 winners in the Pacamara category of the Best of Panama yearly competition.

Esther Leung
Cel: +50764805288
Martin Santos Chavez
Cel: +50768226090
e-mail: mascafepanama@outlook.com
Instagram: @MasCafePanama


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