Auction time in your region:

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

  • 16:00 pm - Los Angeles 
  • 18:00 pm - Panama 
  • 19:00 pm - New York

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

  • 00:00 am - London
  • 07:00 am - Shanghai
  • 08:00 am - Tokyo
  • 08:00 am - Seoul
  • 09:00 am - Sydney

What is the Best of Panama?

"Best of Panama" (BoP) is a platform which serves Panamanian growers interested in the specializaton of high quality coffees. Growers do so via innovation and blind cupping excercise to discover and validate Panamanian Optimum Coffee Quality. This activity is 100% designed and organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) - a Panamanian non-profit Coffee Growers / Processors Association.

From the Grower to the Global Market

  • Technology serving the well-being and the empowerment of the coffee value chain bases.
  • Open to the ones interested in acquiring high-end quality coffee – The Best of Panama
  • International eAuction
  • Participants Registry
  • Shipment of Samples Set
  • eAuction on-line and in real time
  • Preparation and shipment of Lots to eAuction winners

This year 174 lots entered to the competition. An International Jury, comprised of 21 judges from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and USA, judged the five categories: Geisha Washed, Geisha Natural & Special Processes, Traditional Washed, Traditional Natural & Special Processes, and Pacamara Washed, Natural & Special Processes.

  • Winner of first place in both the Geisha Washed and Geisha Natural categories was the Lamastus Family with Elida Estate, who established two new world-record scores: 95.25 for a Geisha Natural & Special Process and 95.00 points for a Geisha Washed.
  • Winner of first place in the Traditional Washed Category was Hacienda Barbara, owned by the Rogers Family.
  • Winner of first place in the Traditional Natural & Processes Category was Cesar Arauz from Las Brumas Coffee Farm.
  • Winner of first place in Pacamara was Damarli Estate owned by the Pech Ruiz Family.
  • The winner of the Panama Cup was Hacienda La Esmeralda, the Panama Cup select the Best Producer of the Year 2019th with 5 coffees in the final tables, 2 Washed Geishas, 2 Natural Geishas and one Traditional Washed.

This year 49 coffees will participate in the Best of Panama auction: 18 Washed Geishas, 18 Natural & Special Processes Geishas, 3 Pacamaras, 8 Traditional Natural & Special processes, and 2 Traditional Washed.