The brand of special coffee produced by the company is SANTAMARÍA ESTATE COFFEE.
The farm produces high altitude special coffee (from 1 564 to 1 946 m above sea level). The coffee produced at this height is of excellent quality and has all the characteristics to be qualified as special SHB coffee (Strictly Hard Bean) in the international market.
The coffee was covered by local and international specialists and a green label characterized by its distinctive aroma, flavor and body, while the profile of the cup showed notes of chocolate, with medium to high acidity and a pleasant aftertaste.
The farm is looking to apply environmentally friendly agricultural practices, for example, the application of organic agricultural products and the green label is not allowed to apply insecticides, cut trees and hunt. In addition, the farm maintains certain areas as a forest reserve with sources of crystalline drinking water that provide water to the cooperating families and also to the ecological processing plant.

Coffee and cupping details


Bags: 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Score: 93.5

Farm details


Top Performing Farm: SANTAMARIA ESTATE
Top Performing District: Paso Ancho, Tierras Altas
Farm Size: 120.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1946m
Processing Method: Natural

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