Lot VW-02: Los Cenizos Catuai Washed

Description: Los Cenizos Catuai Washed is better known by our team as "the survivor” after so many trees were destroyed by heavy rain and mudslides during hurricane ETA. It took a lot of work and dedication to bring this lot back to life, and it sure paid off. This washed Catuai offers a nicely balanced tropical fruit cup, accompanied by melon, sugar cane, and sweet notes.

Weight: 100lb/45.35Kg
Score: 89.00
Farm: Finca Los Cenizos
Producer: Estela Pitti
Region: Cerro Punta
Altitude (in masl): 1900
Drying Method: Slow Sun Dried

Coffee and cupping details

Boxes: 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Score: 89.0

Farm details

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