Lot GN-18: Kotowa Las Brujas

Brujas is in the South side of the Baru Volcano, which is the most recent mountain formation of the area, with only 1.5 million year old soils. This inactive volcano has deep soils, very rich in nutrients that are important to the quality development. The area is influenced only by the pacific rains, but because the dense forests around the farm it has a natural cloud shade that keep a cool climate all year round with a well-defined dry period that allows for very ripe maturation of the beans.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-18
Opening Bid:$50.00/lb
무게:100 lbs
Producer:Café Kotowa

Coffee details


This terroir develops a special terroir that develops lemon, lime and pomelo citrus floral notes with juicy and sweet aftertaste.
Geisha in this area was selected through 4 generations of seed bearing plants that came to Panama from CATIE Research Station back in 1970.

Farm details

Producer Name: Café Kotowa
Farm Name: Las Brujas
Altitude Range: 1700 - 1800 masl
Location: South -Western Side of Boquete. Next to the Baru forest reserve.
Farm Location: 334137.0, 967875.0
Average Rainfall: 2750 mm Pacific rain May to December

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