Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-19
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
무게:100 lbs
Varietal:Geisha - Green Tip
Process:Slow Fermentation Natural
Harvest:February 25, 2020
Producer Cupping Notes:Berry, citrus, caco nibs, darck chocolate, peach, strawberry and chocolate, winey, juicy. Balanced, juicy, rounded, tart, vibrant, creamy.
Drying Method:Sun dried on patio.

Farm details

Producer Name: Janson Family
Farm Name: Hacienda
Region: Volcán, High Lands District
Farm Elevation: 1400m

Producer Story:

The hacienda is located west of the Baru Volcano, with a rich volcanic soil and natural springs. The farm combines planting areas and 200 hectares of a private natural reserve, including lagoons and wetlands which are a vital habitat for a large variety of birds and wildlife.

The Janson coffee farm is run by first and second generation of Janson family members. Constantly focusing on improving quality, we have earned several BOP awards with our coffees being always among the best, on the semifinal and final tables of the Best of Panama.

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