Another one of our (3) ASD designed lot. Our Anaerobic Slow Dry (ASD) is a proven process for our high elevation coffees, together with our terroir, unique micro-climate, volcanic soil and lush vegetation that surround the coffee plantation make this EBGN ASD a unique cup profile in Panama.

El Burro Estate was established by our mother's father Amado Boutet, who's father Aristides Boutet had immigrated from France in the 1800'a. One of our prize winning and now famous coffee farm.

The Lamastus Family, a coffee growing family since 1918, is the owner of the Elida Estate and El Burro Estate coffee; both coffees have been winners of many quality prizes in international and local BOP cupping competitions, The elevation of the farm, the quality conscious and quality oriented grandfather Thatcher, son Wilford and grandson Wilford Jr the passion for coffee and the family tradition have made this possible.

El Burro coffees are produced in one of the most undisturbed coffee farms in Panama, like Elida farm, part of it is also inside the Baru Volcano National Park. Shade-grown, bird friendly, the farm is located at a very high elevation (farm goes up to 2,000m, coffee up to 1,7500m), in a micro climate totally different than at Elida.


EL BURRO ESTATE farm is the southern-most farm (our Luito Geisha farm is the northern-most farm and Elida is close to Luito to the north) of Boquete, here the micro-climate (and part of the terroir) is very dry during the dry season and very wet during the wet season. The northern farms like Elida (and Luito) the dry season gets lots of mist and rain because of the cold winds from the north. This El Burro micro-climate yields a different cup profilewith other attributes than our other farms.

Here also the farm is located at a high elevation, nevertheless it is located in the southern tip of the Baru Volcano, the Caribbean is at 47km to the north and the Pacific 43km to the south, it is also grown in rich young volcanic soils, under shade and surrounded by a virgin rainforest populated by a great number of beneficial microorganisms: yeasts, bacterias, All of these unique growing conditions show in a distinguished cup full of attributes that are not found in most other terroirs.

Coffee and cupping details

Bags: 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Score: 91.25

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: El Burro Estate
Top Performing Farmer: Lamastus Family
Top Performing District: Potrerillo Arriba, Boquete
Farm Location: 8.7527, 82.513
Farm Elevation: 1700m
Average Rainfall: 3,500mm/140in
Processing Method: Natural
Drying Method: Sun Dry on raised beds
Mill: Elida Estate


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