La Huella is a registered trademark of Cafe de Panama S. De RL (established in 2010).

We are coffee farmers who are committed to crafting nano and micro-lots for 3rd wave speciality micro-roasters and consumers worldwide.

Our micro mill Apha1 situated at the skirts of the district of Boquete - a unique place where we process, and we carry out experiments on individual batches chosen by our friends and partners from various micro-climates of the district.

La Huella, its name and logo inspired by the fingerprint used traditionally by illiterate coffee workers to sign their documents, and the blue colour stands for integrity.

Coffee and cupping details


Honeysuckle, black pepper. Balanced and delicate floral and lemony flavours, a touch of green apple with spicy raspberry.

Bags: 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Score: 91.0
Harvest Date: Jan 28 /2019

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: La Pandura
Top Performing Farmer: Juan Manelia, La Huella
Top Performing District: La Horqueta
Farm Elevation: 1500m -1600m
Average Rainfall: 2,800mm
Processing Method: Natural ASD
Mill: Alpha 1, La Huella, Cafe de Panama S. de RL

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