Lot V-09: Black Madonna

Black Madonna is our lot which identifies and characterizes our "terroir", representing everything that happens on our farm including microclimate, vegetation and shadows.

Black Madonna is a unique, interesting, complex and mysterious profile which transports us to worthy exotic flavors. Distinctive of Panama, this cup begins by captivating us with its aroma and fragrance starting with roses, jasmine, lavender, dark cherry, passion fruit, blackcurrants and spices. The journey continues with enveloping flavors that begin giving intensity through black honey, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and blackberry elegantly cooling with chocolate milk, spices, wine and vanilla.

It is complex with a soft and elegant body resembling silk. Its acidity shines in harmony with its body, a round balance with a clean yet complex, seductive and elegant prolonged aftertaste.

Lot Description

Reference Number:V-09
Opening Bid:$30.00/lb
무게:100 lbs
Process:Natural Anaerobic
Producer:Adaura Coffee
Fermentation:72 hours fermentation

Coffee details

Farm details


Producer Story:

Adaura Coffee born in Finca Lorayne, a 4-Generation Family Farm producing coffee for more than 50 years at 1700 meters above sea level in El Salto Boquete, who are proud to share our exquisite and privileged coffees.

Finca Lorayne
8°47'47.7"N 82°28'49.6"W
8.796583, -82.480444

Mobile: + (507) 6536-3643
Email: adauracoffee@gmail.com
Instagram & Facebook: @adauracoffee


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