Lot V-06: Pentagon - Mil Cumbres

Introducing SIDRA PENTAGON of Mil Cumbres - a truly unique and exceptional coffee. Grown in a mystical environment near Baru Volcano, surrounded by a tropical forest and influenced by ocean breezes and volcanic air, this coffee variety boasts a distinct flavor. Named "Pentagon" due to its central position amidst natural energies, it combines ideal climate, soil, and genetics to stand among the best coffees available. 


We only find one word to define our Pentagon SIDRA, UNIQUE.

We present you our SIDRA PENTAGON, an extraordinary coffee Varietal, 100% landrace genetics, or heirloom, whose seeds were successfully acclimated in our Finca Mil Cumbres, enclaved in a high skirt of the Baru Volcano where, at 1,650 masl., they found the ecotope conditions conducive to expressing in cup, their amazing organoleptic power.

The ecotope of the Finca where it is sown, grows and matures, is only a half mile from the Volcano Baru National Park, with its 14,000 hectares of the Virgin Tropical Forest, and 31 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the South, and same distance to the Caribbean Sea to the North.

The intense solar radiation of high-land, plus the virgin forest mass of the neighbouring National Park, along with warm ocean breezes crossed and mixed with the cold air of the volcano, are united to the temperature, humidity and moderate wind speed, to create an enigmatic permanent cover of hazels and clouds on the enlightened area. That's why they call it the "Valley de Clouds". The exclusive home of our PENTAGON SIDRA and the origin of its exquisite cup, to which experts tasters have called it “strange”, “different”, “distinctive”, unique”… It is the result of the energy generated by our high volcanic soils next to the fine evapotranspiration that on them floats, and its biological effect on pure genetics of the varietal Sidra. This is why we have called him “Pentagon”, because just as the Pentagon is at the center of universal energies, our Sidra is at the center of the natural energies that affect our farm, at a unique point in the coffee world. These conditions of climate, soil and genetic varietal are those that forge a coffee that is intended to be preferred among the great ones for their goodness.

Lot Description

Reference Number:V-06
Opening Bid:$60.00/kg
入札単位 :$8.00
重量 :25 kgs
スコア :91.25

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Farm Name: Mil Cumbres


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