Lot GN-03: NUGUO CONCEPT 2020 – D490

At Café Gallardo we aim our dedication and passion for innovation towards the preservation of Nuguo Geisha uniqueness in a way that you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee, and also we are implementing special processes in lower altitude farms to increase the cup quality as an effort to support the sustainability of the Panamanian coffee industry.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-03
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.50
重量 :100 lbs
プロセス:Natural +fermentation
スコア :93.25
乾燥方法:African beds + Controlled Environment 26C

Coffee details

説明 :

Nuguo concept 2020 is a mix of our best fermented-cherry dried coffees. Average altitude of selected lots is 1950 masl. After picking, ripe cherries are floated to eliminate low density cherries, then fermentation occurred in different formats for each of the lots in the mix, mainly in plastic tanks, without added water, stored in Nuguo under the shade of the forest at 16 Celsius average environmental temperature for 8 days, or at 30 Celsius during 4 days

Drying occurs in african beds (with translucid roofs to prevent rewetting caused by bajareque rain) for 2 weeks, and then drying continues for 6 weeks in racks in a controlled environment room at 26 Celsius and 45% relative humidity. After drying the cupping is conducted to choose the best lots for our clients and BOP. Coffee rests in our house until the big day comes, then we mill it, hand sort it, and submit it to SCAP, then Nuguo coffee is vacuum packed and it is waiting for you :) in SCAP’S BOP cool storage room.


Producer Name: Finca Nuguo
Farm Name: Familia Gallardo
Region: Renacimiento
Town: Jurutungo
農園標高: 1950 masl

Producer Story:

Finca Nuguo is located in Jurutungo, Renacimiento, Panamá, in the surroundings of La Amistad International park. We take thorough care of the coffee plants, especially of its nutrition, till the harvest time. We pick only perfectly ripe coffee cherries, which are floated and separated in micro lots by day and location, to guarantee the highest quality and intensity of flavor.


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