We are a micro-producer of natural luxury coffee with three small farms in Boquete, Panama.  Our passion is the authentic expression of terroir through the cultivation of Geisha coffee.  More than anywhere on earth, the Geisha varietal makes magic in this tiny stretch of magnificent mountains tucked between two oceans at the base of an ancient volcano.

Through this passion, a lifelong love of organic farming, conservation, adventure and flavor has found a way to manifest through the prism of coffee. It has become a spiritual pursuit.  A parallel passion for wine has shaped our approach to coffee and cupping. From the Farms to the Lab to the final cup, you are invited to join in this
adventure…every time you take a sip, you are part of it.  Welcome!

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-20
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
入札単位 :$0.50
重量 :100 lbs

Coffee details

説明 :

This sumptuous coffee is a composition of 10 exquisite nano-lots from the heart of the 2020 harvest with process ranging from pure classic natural to 60 hour submerged fermentation in our own naturally occurring yeast (we do not use manufactured yeast). The result is an elegant cup revealing flavors of green apple and forest berries with a tart cherry acidity, lemongrass and jasmine florals, nuanced by a delicate hint of spiced rum.

This single 150lb lot (of which 100lbs makes it to auction) represents nearly 10% of our entire 2020 Geisha harvest making it one of the rarest coffees on earth.



Producer Story:

Embracing the principles of permaculture and biodynamics, we view our farms as integrated, whole, living organisms. This organism consists of crops, soil, forest, water, animals, compost, and people as well as the spirit of the place. We view each farm as a canvas from God, and it is our job to paint the masterpiece. Each farm has its own spirit and unique personality. At 1600 meters facing the Baru Volcano in the center of the prized Alto Jaramillo region of Boquete, Windy Ridge is blessed with volcanic, mineral rich soil and a westerly orientation bathed in afternoon sunshine.

At a time when many producers are embracing more extreme process, we are dedicated to terroir driven coffee making. Our aim is to release and accentuate the potential attributes of the varietal, without dominating notes of process. Each year, our goal is to fully express the unique characteristics of the vintage without focusing on consistency or yields. We do not make demands on the farm and then force it to comply through the use of chemicals. Instead we listen to the farm, and gently coax it into harmony using organic composted fertilizer, manual weed control, continuous pruning, and much love.


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