Lot GW-04: Longboard Misty Mountain Geisha Washed - Longboard Specialty Coffee

Misty Mountain Geisha is grown in the mountains above Boquete at an average elevation of 1650 MASL. Geisha is planted in virgin soil under full forest on a south facing slope facing the Pacific Ocean. Several factors make the farm very unique: For half the year, from May through October, the farm is completely enshrouded in mist, hence the name, Misty Mountain. This factor contributes to a very slow development of the cherries during the green maturation phase- concentrating flavor, aroma and intensity. Also during this time, the Geisha is nourished by heavy rainfall, often receiving several inches in one day. In contrast, the other half of the year is sunny and extremely dry, providing ideal conditions for the ripening phase of the cherries. The south facing slope allows sunlight to gently filter through the forest canopy, while providing protection from the north winds of the dry season. The extremely dry period also forces the roots down into the mineral rich substrata of Misty Mountain, contributing to the bright minerality and mouth-watering acidity our Geishas are known for.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GW-04
Opening Bid:$100.00/kg
入札単位 :$8.00
重量 :25 kgs
スコア :94.75

Coffee details

説明 :


Producer Cupping Notes:
Jasmin, bergamot, lemongrass, and lemon blossom on the nose. Lemon candy, pink guava, tangerine, and peach on the palate. Lingering aftertaste of jasmine and bergamot. Bright, layered, sparkling citric/phosphoric acidity like tangerine and sweet lemon. Sugar cane sweetness. Creamy body like lemon custard. Extremely balanced with a crisp minerality that melts into the palate. Long, elegant, mouthwatering jasmine finish.


Coffee Details:
Cherries are hand harvested at peak ripeness and de-pulped that evening by hand using a traditional manual crank de-pulper. The coffee is then fermented in wild yeast in our temperature controlled cold room until the producer feels the beans have attained the ideal level of fermentation. Then, the coffee is sun dried for one day and then transferred to our climate controlled dry room to finish.


Farm Name: Longboard Specialty Coffee

Producer Story:

Our trademark farming practices, designed with cup quality as the only goal, also set Longboard apart. With no emphasis on traditional goals such as production yields, we are able to focus our energy entirely on the factors that contribute to an exceptional cup. First, our Geisha is planted at very low density under almost full shade. Next, we use absolutely no chemicals of any sort- not even “organic” ones. Zero chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or even fungicides are used. We feel this is the only way to achieve the fullest expression of varietal and terroir. In the complete absence of chemicals, especially herbicides and fungicides, we are able to obtain robust and healthy soil full of beneficial microorganisms, as well as the propagation of wild yeasts on our cherries- a key ingredient to our proprietary fermentation techniques. All coffee making is done organoleptically- guided by taste, smell, and feel- by the producer himself. Moon cycles guide our every move on the farm- from planting and pruning to harvesting and weed clearing, everything at Misty Mountain is done by hand. Although resulting in very low yields, these practices along with many others result in a truly exceptional cup that is uniquely Longboard.


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