Lot GN-02: La Roca - Finca Sophia

Description: This lot was harvested on March 15th and began the drying process on raised beds. On March 20th, the coffee was moved to a dark room to finish drying slowly and uniformly. On April 10th, the coffee was removed from the dark room and began its resting period. “La Roca” is named after a rock formation found at the top of Finca Sophia that provides spectacular views to those adventurous enough to climb it.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-02
Opening Bid:$100.00/kg
入札単位 :$8.00
重量 :25 kgs
Altitude:2124 masl
スコア :95.0
乾燥方法:Raised bed, dark room

Coffee details

説明 :

Cupping notes: Fragrance and aroma of cherry and bergamot orange. In the cup powerful floral and citrus notes to be expected from a washed geisha, with a layer of fresh fruits - black cherries, currants and plums – finishing with a creamy mouthfeel.  


Producer Name: Kelly Hartmann, Willem Boot, Helen Russell & Team
Farm Name: Sophia Estate Panama
Farm Size: 19.0 ha
Location: Cerro Punta, Nueva Suiza

Producer Story:

Finca Sophia was founded in 2008 by a group of coffee professionals and friends from California. With a dream to produce world class coffee in an ecologically sensitive manner, we purchased a small vegetable and cattle farm with beautiful views of Cerro Punta, and began a long process of ecological regeneration that continues to this day. The land where we established Finca Sophia had been intensively farmed, and much of its biodiversity stripped away. Neighboring the Parque Internacional La Amistad, we set aside five hectares as a buffer zone and allowed the forest to take over, planted thousands of shade trees and coffee on the rest of the farm, banned the use of herbicides and sought to delicately balance the ever present will of nature to take its course with our desire to establish a coffee farm. Over the years and after much trial and error, Finca Sophia began to produce coffee under the skilled direction of farm manager Kelly Hartmann. We continue to embrace the challenges and rewards of growing coffee at over 2000 meters.

Finca Sophia was selected as a 2016 Good Food Awards winner, won 1st place in the Best of Panama coffee competition in the Washed Geisha category in 2017 & 2020, 2nd place in the Natural Geisha category in 2020, 5th place in the Washed Geisha category and 16th in Natural Geisha category in 2021, and 2nd place in the Natural Geisha category in 2023.

Contact Info
David Pohl: david@fincasophia.com +1 310-526-1416 www.fincasophia.com


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