Janson Family selection geisha washed comes from lot "El Plano" of the Los Alpes Farm.

Los Alpes farm is located on the Talamanca mountain range of westernmost Panama, NW of the Baru Volcano, same mountain of the La Amistad International Park (Unesco World Heritage site).

Harvested on the Cresched moon when the savia is going up, this helps on sweetness of the berry, and that is just one of the many details taking into consideration at the time of harvest together  with careful selection of only ripe berries.  However, the care of the plant and the volcanic soil and characteristic micro climate of the region are determining factors.

This particular lot ended on 10th place in the final round of the BOP with a 91.75 final score, receiving a 95.75 as its highest score by an international judge.

The Janson family have been producing coffee for 30 years now.  Started by brothers Carl, Michael, Ricardo and Peter Janson is now entering the 2cond generation in coffee prodution.  Constantly focusing on improving quality, we have earned several BOP awards with our coffee being always among the best,on the semifinal and final tables of the Best of Panama.  Our focus is producing specialty grade arabica beans of geisha, caturra, catuai and pacamara varieties.  The farm is sustainably run, mountin spring water is used for the washed process, and managed with an eco-conscience mentality.  We use several drying methods, sun on patio raised african beds, static dryers, drum dryers and many times a combination of two or more of these methods.

At present we are also using different types of slow fermentation processes to get the most out of the outstanding natural characteristics of the Geisha variety.

We present this Classic geisha wash delicious cup, juicy with smooth finish.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GW-10
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
入札単位 :$1.00
重量 :100 lbs
プロセス:Anaerobic fermentation with Yeast Inoculation for 96 hours in plastic tank
Harvest:February 12, 2019
スコア :91.75
乾燥方法:Dried with sun and drum dryer

Coffee details

説明 :

Jazmine, honeysuckle, rose florals, sweet, lemon peel, bergamot, classic geisha.


Producer Name: Janson family
Farm Name: Los Alpes
Region: Tizingal, Volcan High Lands
農園標高: 1700 m


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