Lot V-02: Black Moon Constellation - Black Moon Farm

What used to be a vegetable farm is now a regenerative coffee farm, in the near future it will be a biodiverse food forest with luxury quality Geishas and other varietals growing under its canopy.
The main goal of the farm is to fix as much carbon as possible, removing it from the atmosphere and returning it to the soil where it belongs by increasing the organic matter and the life of the soil. This method of farming is not only beneficial for the environment, but also profitable because it uses minimum quantities or no external supplies and diversifies the farm income by having several crops growing together.

Chiroso is an Ethiopian Landrace variety discovered in recent years in Colombia. It has gain popularity thanks to its distinctive cupping profile.

Our Chiroso is genetically pure and in our terroir the complexity of aromas and flavors is enhanced.

We started planting three years ago and this year is the first Chiroso harvest, in the coming years we will have Bourbon Pointu, Pink Bourbon, Rume Sudan and Mokha varieties available also.

Lot Description

Reference Number:V-02
Opening Bid:$60.00/kg
入札単位 :$8.00
重量 :25 kgs
スコア :91.88

Coffee details

説明 :

This batch was harvested on the waxing and wanning quarter moon in February, its fermentation was carried out with coffee yeasts in an anaerobic system for 96 hours. After the fermentation time then it entered a dark drying room for 20 days. It was then stored in sealed bags and left to rest for 2 months. r


Producer Name: Hunter Tedman
Farm Name: Black Moon Farm
Region: Boquete
Town: Alto Quiel
Farm Size: 9.0 ha
Altitude Range: 1700 masl
Average Rainfall: 3,500 mm/year


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