Best of Panama eAuction - Speciality Coffee 2019


入札開始: 16 7 2019 23:00:00 BST
終了: 17 7 2019 04:42:13 BST

Welcome to XXIII Best of Panama Specialty Coffee eAuction - 2019.

This eAuction will provide the following:

  • Registration option - and further approval for Auction Participation
  • Opportunity to bid for lots via internet and in real-time
  • Coffee Lots are from Traditional Washed, Honey & Natural, and, Exotic Washed, Honey, & Natural coffees
  • Participation in the 2018-2019 Panama Coffee Harvest
  • Auction Registration & Sample Request takes place here

Time in your region:

July 16th, 2019

  • 16:00 pm - Los Angeles 
  • 18:00 pm - Panama 
  • 19:00 pm - New York

July 17th, 2019

  • 00:00 am - London
  • 07:00 am - Shanghai
  • 08:00 am - Tokyo
  • 08:00 am - Seoul
  • 09:00 am - Sydney


Natural & Special Processes Geisha

ロット スコア Bags 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
GNEP-0195.252100lbs$1.00$1,029.00/lb$102,900.00ELIDA GEISHA GREEN TIP NATURALSAZA COFFEE, Haaya Gourmet Coffee Ltd., Klatch Coffee USA, Black Gold Coffee Co. Ltd. (Taiwan), OKLAO Specialty Coffee, Grand Cru Coffee Ltd (China), Willoughby's Coffee & Tea, Aroma Coffee Australia, KEW SPECIALTY COFFEE for COFFEE TECH LTD(, HWC ROASTERS FOOD AND BEVERAGE CO. LTD., The Hub Coffee Malaysia, Difference Coffee Co., Dragonfly Coffee Rosters FINISHED
GNEP-0294.02100lbs$1.00$298.00/lb$29,800.00JANSON FAMILY SELECTIONGeshary Coffee Inc. , Scrop Coffee Roasters (Maruhan Dining) FINISHED
GNEP-0393.52100lbs$1.00$157.00/lb$15,700.00SANTAMARIA GEISHA ELIXIR NATURALSulalat CoffeeTrading Est FINISHED
GNEP-0493.02100lbs$1.00$125.00/lb$12,500.00ESMERALDA SPECIAL CAÑAS VERDES GNPICK COFFEE, Ningbo Ancient Coffee 宁波愛·咖啡, L'apre's midi Cafe' 立裴米緹, FINISHED
GNEP-0593.02100lbs$1.00$124.00/lb$12,400.00ESMERALDA SPECIAL JARAMILLO GNBlack Gold Coffee Co., Ltd (Taiwan), OKLAO Specialty Coffee FINISHED
GNEP-0693.02100lbs$1.00$100.00/lb$10,000.00DOÑA BATYCartel Coffee Roasters FINISHED
GNEP-0792.752100lbs$1.00$91.00/lb$9,100.00GEISHA N‒ESTELASulalat CoffeeTrading Est FINISHED
GNEP-0892.254200lbs$1.00$45.00/lb$9,000.00NATURAL LAS DELICIASPortola Coffee Roasters FINISHED
GNEP-0992.04200lbs$1.00$56.00/lb$11,200.00CANTAR DORADO RUISEÑORPeerless Coffee and Tea FINISHED
GNEP-1091.253150lbs$1.00$53.00/lb$7,950.00BATISTA NATURAL FINCA SANTA TERESASulalat CoffeeTrading Est FINISHED
GNEP-1191.252100lbs$1.00$122.00/lb$12,200.00EL BURRO GEISHA NATURAL ASDYoudong Coffee, Coffeeplant Inc.,Black Soul Coffee,Coffee Gaerock, El Cafe Coffee Roasters, Remapresso Coffee FINISHED
GNEP-1291.252100lbs$1.00$79.00/lb$7,900.00ABU GEISHA NATURALSulalat CoffeeTrading Est FINISHED
GNEP-1391.02100lbs$1.00$318.00/lb$31,800.00LONGBOARD WINDY RIDGE GNGeshary Coffee, Inc. FINISHED
GNEP-1491.02100lbs$1.00$293.00/lb$29,300.00JANSON KJF 25Scrop COFFEE ROASTERS (Maruhan Dining) FINISHED
GNEP-1591.02100lbs$1.00$46.00/lb$4,600.00DON MANUELTreeswind Coffee Company FINISHED
GNEP-1691.02100lbs$1.00$56.00/lb$5,600.00CAMILINA 3Grand Cru Coffee Ltd (China) FINISHED
GNEP-1890.752100lbs$1.00$67.00/lb$6,700.00NUGUO NATCafe Unido FINISHED

Pacamara Natural

ロット スコア Bags 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
PACN-0190.02100lbs$0.50$61.00/lb$6,100.00DAMARLI PACAMARA NOBLE IMPERIALCaffeinelab FINISHED
PACN-0389.02100lbs$0.50$51.00/lb$5,100.00RIO CRISTALOntheup International Co., Ltd. FINISHED

Traditional Natural & Special Processes

ロット スコア Bags 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
TN-0189.252100lbs$0.25$33.00/lb$3,300.00BRUMAS PANAMA NAT CITRICSHaru International Corporation FINISHED
TN-0289.02100lbs$0.25$30.00/lb$3,000.00DAMARLI BOURBON NOBLE IMPERIALPeerless Coffee and Tea FINISHED
TN-0388.752100lbs$0.25$40.25/lb$4,025.00DUNCANSulalat CoffeeTrading Est FINISHED
TN-0488.752100lbs$0.25$60.50/lb$6,050.00ELIDA CATUAI ASD NATURALPeerless Coffee and Tea FINISHED
TN-0588.52100lbs$0.25$31.25/lb$3,125.00EL BURRO CATUAI NATURALPICK COFFEE, Ningbo Ancient Coffee 宁波愛·咖啡, L'apre's midi Cafe' 立裴米緹 FINISHED
TN-0688.52100lbs$0.25$28.25/lb$2,825.00LOS LAJONES CATUAI NATURAL CHANINSAZA COFFEE, Aroma Coffee Australia, Haya Gourmet Coffee Co., HWC Roasters Food & Beverage Co. Ltd FINISHED
TN-0788.52100lbs$0.25$30.00/lb$3,000.00RIO CRISTALIMS Holdings Inc FINISHED
TN-0888.255250lbs$0.25$15.25/lb$3,812.50TOBY NATURAL FCA. SANTA TERESARed Whale Coffee FINISHED

Washed Geisha

ロット スコア Bags 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
GW-0195.02100lbs$1.00$331.00/lb$33,100.00ELIDA GEISHA GREEN TIPSAZA COFFEE, Ontheup International Co., Ltd. for 澈咖啡, Haaya Gourmet Coffee., Ltd., KEW SPECIALTY COFFEE for COFFEE TECH LTD(, Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), OKLAO Specialty Coffee, Aroma Coffee Australia, HWC Roasters Food & Beverage Co. Ltd. FINISHED
GW-0294.252100lbs$1.00$233.00/lb$23,300.00ESMERALDA SPECIAL JARAMILLODragonfly Coffee Roasters, Campos Coffee FINISHED
GW-0393.52100lbs$1.00$75.00/lb$7,500.00GEISHA L‒ ESTELAPeerless Coffee and Tea FINISHED
GW-0493.252100lbs$1.00$71.00/lb$7,100.00SANTAMARIA DOÑA GEÑACOFFEE TECH LTD(, IncaFe Ltd, BrewLab Company Ltd, Ingenuity Coffee, KEW SPECIALTY COFFEE LTD FINISHED
GW-0593.02100lbs$1.00$81.00/lb$8,100.00NEW GENERATION CHOICE BAMBITO ESTATEBlossom Valley Intl, XIAMEN NEOMEO, Roastery FINISHED
GW-0693.02100lbs$1.00$200.00/lb$20,000.00ESMERALDA SPECIAL CAÑAS VERDESGeshary Coffee, Inc. FINISHED
GW-0793.02100lbs$1.00$80.00/lb$8,000.00CARMEN GEISHACafe Unido FINISHED
GW-0892.02100lbs$1.00$50.00/lb$5,000.00ABU GEISHA WASHEDHaru International Corporation, 樂波波Le BOBO/GK x 海神咖啡/車庫咖啡 FINISHED
GW-0992.02100lbs$1.00$76.00/lb$7,600.00LOTE VII‒MEFRAGeorge Howell Coffee Company FINISHED
GW-1091.752100lbs$1.00$66.00/lb$6,600.00JANSON FAMILY SELECTIONScrop COFFEE ROASTERS (Maruhan Dining) FINISHED
GW-1191.52100lbs$1.00$42.00/lb$4,200.00IRONMAN 2GONGKHAN21 FINISHED
GW-1291.52100lbs$1.00$36.00/lb$3,600.00GEISHA ARISTARLI-MING 利茗 FINISHED
GW-1391.254200lbs$1.00$40.00/lb$8,000.00CANTAR DON TITO Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd (Taiwan), OKLAO Specialty Coffee, Gee Coffee Roasters, 團咖啡-生豆小團 Twang coffee, 蔡志瓏 Long Coffee, 悅讀咖啡烘焙企業行 FINISHED
GW-1491.02100lbs$1.00$48.00/lb$4,800.00DON PEPE ESTATE GEISHACafe Unido FINISHED
GW-1591.02100lbs$1.00$33.00/lb$3,300.00ALTIERI GEISHA LAVADOATARAXIA FINISHED
GW-1691.02100lbs$1.00$34.00/lb$3,400.00TINAMU箖 GA B 、Hsiao-wei Lin FINISHED
GW-1791.02100lbs$1.00$66.00/lb$6,600.00EL BURRO GEISHACafe Unido FINISHED
GW-1890.752100lbs$1.00$35.00/lb$3,500.00BABY GEISHAmonoscope FINISHED

Traditional Washed

ロット スコア Bags 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
TW-0189.02100lbs$0.25$28.00/lb$2,800.00HACIENDA BARBARA CATUAI WSDHaru International Corporation FINISHED
TW-0288.252100lbs$0.25$100.00/lb$10,000.00ESMERALDA BOURBON POINTUBlendIn Coffee Club FINISHED

ロット スコア Bags 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
011lbs$0.01$0.00/lb$0.00DO NOT DELETE [VENDOR] FINISHED