Lot V-09: Altieri Catuai Wonder DF - Altieri Specialty Coffee

This lot is from the January 1, 2023, harvest. Rola, named after Gene Altieri's grandson, was carefully handpicked when fully ripe. Then the cherries were dried overnight in harvest bags before undergoing a flotation process for bean selection. Next, they were placed on African beds in a drying greenhouse for five days. Afterward, they underwent a 4-day fermentation process in Grainpro bags in the shade. The drying was completed on African beds for an additional 21 days. Finally, the coffee was stored in a warehouse at a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius and 55% relative humidity.

Lot Description

Reference Number:V-09
Opening Bid:$60.00/kg
入札単位 :$8.00
重量 :25 kgs
Altitude:1750 masl
Harvest:January 1, 2023
スコア :90.25
Processing System: Natural Anaerobic Dry Fermentation

Coffee details


Producer Name: Mima Estate, Alto Quiel, Boquete
Farm Name: Altieri Specialty Coffee


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