On her first visit Esther fell in love with the highlands of the province of Chiriqui, deciding to make the mountain village of Boquete her permanent home. When the opportunity arose to purchase a coffee farm, Esther jumped at the chance. With the purchase of this land, she saw this as tie to her native Chinas’ rich agricultural heritage.

When farmers where abandoning the coffee farms, Esther championed the cultivation of coffee helping preserve Boquetes’ coffee culture. The properties purchased were in terrible shape. Esther was not discouraged, she dug her heels deep into the fertile volcanic soil and started working the land that she now called home. Working long physically demanding days, she improved not only the coffee plants but the surrounding ecosystem, working hard to create sustainable agricultural land. Now the coffee plants live in harmony with native fruiting trees and the diverse wildlife of the region.

Esther is not sitting on her laurels, working hard on continued improvement of current plants and searching for new varietals that will produce a quality cup of coffee. She believes that the potential of Boquete is just now beginning to be tapped into, holding true to the believe that Boquete is the finest coffee growing area in the world.

All the hard work has paid off producing this award winning Pacamara varietal that is now being offered.

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Reference Number:BOP-PACN-2
Opening Bid:$10.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

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