Lot GW-14: Santamaria GW Doña Geña - Santamaria Estate Coffee

Santamaria geisha Doña Geña it’s a lot of the best coffee in Santamaria Estate Coffee farm, a Washed Classic Profile of process that give up a full expression of the terroir in our region, Florals, and complex properties that the geisha varietal become famous in the world and make Panama number one in a production of quality top competition coffees.

This Lot is located at 1800 meters over level sea.

Only pick the cherries with max amount of brix in order to make a gratefully selection of maturity and sweetness

Depulp and Drying with our best post-harvest methods to maintain the quality.

Slow drying around 3 weeks with a control, and a good preparation to offer our best coffee to the world.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GW-14
Opening Bid:$100.00/kg
Weight:25 kgs

Coffee details

Farm details

Farm Name: Santamaria Coffee Estates
Country: PANAMA

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