Lot GW-02: Nuguo Pulped

Nuguo Pulped is a mix of two lots of geisha coffee beams (a washed and a honey), produced in a sustainable way, and designed aiming to maximize the quality of the cup. 

The lots included in Nuguo Pulped were harvested ripe.  The washed coffee was harvested March 25 and the honey coffee was harvested April 9.  The washed coffee was floated and pulped, wet parchment was placed in wooden box for 40 hours at 16 celsius, then washed with spring water and placed into raised African beds for sun drying during 3 days. Drying continues during 1 month in a controlled environment room with relative humidity of 55% and temperatures starting at 30 Celsius and finishing at 24 Celsius, resting at 24 Celsius, then coffee is hulled and sorted by hand, then cupped. The honey coffee had similar process except for the washing.  Several washed and honey lots were sampled and mixed in several proportions for cupping. The final mix proportions were chosen through an iterative process, using results from cupping sessions as input to propose new proportions, the mix of these two lots resulted in the best cup, Finally, the mix was sorted in a small densimetric table until the exact weight of 68 kg required for BOP was obtained.

Farm: Finca Nuguo is located in Jurutungo, Renacimiento, in the Noth-East extreme of Panamá. It has five hectares of productive geisha plants, divided in six zones that are surrounded by forest in the neighborhood of the La Amistad International Park nature reserve, at altitudes within 1700 and 2000 masl.

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Reference Number:GW-02
Opening Bid:$30.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

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