Lot VN-01: Mama Cata Mokkita Natural

Description: Huge Florals, Highest Fidelity, Honeysuckle, jasmin, lemonade, candy. Lasted the whole jurney. Complex, structured and clean, rich and some special floral like rose when warm. More mature as it cools. Layered and complex. Very interesting and special coffee. Lemon, grapefruit, plume, floral, kiwi, mint. Well balanced. Plumeria, desert blossom, orange. Strawberry lemonade, cadied peach, delicate, exotic. Intoxicating florals, cools to cady sweet, juicy x3. Perfect balance in the long. Finest coffees!. Bergamot, lemongrass, plum, grape, ginger, banana shake, complex, tasty, cheese cake. Very floral. Deep peach. Big coconut. Lime flower. Incredible floral cup for non geisha. Luscious, elegant fruit and flower combination. Process well controlled. Perfume, tropical, stone fruit, papaya, framboises. Unique nose. Cup fruity. Citrus lemon & orange. Black cherry, plum, tropical mango. Unique in a good way.
Rose, strong florals, hi-c peach, apricot, consistent, coffee blossom, vanilla, bubble gum. Floral & frutal fragrance, elegant, juicy, clean. Sweet spices, intensity climbs as it cools, super good process. Clean, sweet caramel, froot loops, chocolates, creamy. Jasmin +++, Grapes. Cantaloupe melon, sweet tangerine. Amazing coffee. Outstanding geisha aroma. Chocolate in the fragrance. Pomelo. Toronja. Super elegant. Lavander. Orange flower. Refreshing aftertaste. Overwhelming mouthfeel. Nice and everlasting afetertaste. Crazy as it cooled. Pomarrosa, Mamon chino. Super sweet. Pink roses. Fruits, winey, delicate, berries, citric. Round, creamy-almond like elegant. Orange Zest. Bright lingering tartaric. Herbal, floral, citric, frutal acidity. Rosemary, thyme, clove. Green tea. Jasmin fields. Jamin tea. Tangerine acidiy. Long Juicy, elegant finish. Peach toward back of palate. Blueberries, pineapple, guava. Held well. Round. Watermelon, strawberry. Monster!! Chocolate, sugar cane beverage. Plum. Buttery

Boxes: 2
Weight: 100 lbs.
Score: 92.0

Lot Description

Reference Number:VN-01
Opening Bid:$15.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

Farm details

Producer Story:

Top Performing Farm: MAMA CATA ESTATE
Top Performing District: BOQUETE
Top Performing Village: ALTO QUIEL
Farm Size: 48 Has
Farm Elevation: CASA ABAJO Plot: 1,550-1,600 masl. Farm: 1,500-1,700 masl.
Average Rainfall: 2,700 mm 108.26”

Process Method: ASD
Drying Method: SOLAR DRYER.

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