Lot GN-17: Mama Cata Geisha Natural

Description: Cherry nose. Very intense in aroma. Jazmin aroma. Aroma is more delightful. Big Jamaican flower. Dark chocolate as it cooled. Sweet process forward but nicer. Umami. Sweet Oranges. Fruits, Winey, fermented fruit on the palate. Cherry, strawberry, chocolate, Tropical fruits. Brilliant, bright, citric acidity. Mellow. Purple grapes. Elegant, Nance fruit. Spicy, dark fruits, blackberry, dark cherry. Green apple, floral, cacao nibs. Very clean. Mandarin. Rose. Brown Sugar. Lemon. Lemongrass. Spicy. Mamey: Mammea americana. Marzipan. Bergamot, panela, Liquorish as it cools.
Jazmin, Blueberries, ripe figs, peach syrup. Liquid caramel, soft fermented cacao nibs. Tartaric, citric & malic Acidity. Strong Bergamot. High acidity. Red flowers & Bergamot flavor balance. Saril: Pomarrosa: Syzygium malaccense. Apple. Lemon Herb. Butter. Nice geisha, very good aroma. Passion fruit. Guarapo. Red fruits. Orange. Guayaba: Psidium guajava. Membrillo: Cydonia oblonga. Juicy. Peach. Marañon Maduro: Anacardium occidentale. Toronja, pomelo.
Boxes: 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Score: 90.75
Harvest Date: March-13-2020

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-17
Opening Bid:$30.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

Farm details

Producer Story:

Top Performing Farm: MAMA CATA ESTATE
Top Performing District: BOQUETE
Top Performing Village: ALTO QUIEL
Farm Elevation: TOÑA Plot: 1,675-1,700 masl. Farm: 1,500-1,700 masl.
Average Rainfall: 2,700 mm 108.26”
Processing Method: ASD
Farm Size: 48 Has.
Drying Method: Solar Dryer.

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