Lot GN-11: Lerida Esplendorosa Geisha Natural - Finca Lérida

La Esplendorosa is a complete geisha estate with an elevation average of 1,500 masl. La Esplendorosa Estate holds a special place in the heart of Lerida Coffee Estate. Is in the Jaramillo micro-region, Boquete. It enjoys a direct view of the magnificent Baru Volcano. This is where the dream and reality of Lerida Coffee Estate all started and where it has grown from. This lot was produced at La Esplendorosa in Alto Jaramillo. It underwent a natural fermentation process for three days, followed by drying on African beds for a duration of 40 days.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-11
Opening Bid:$100.00/kg
Weight:25 kgs
Altitude:1,500 masl
Producer:Maria Antonella Amoruso
Fermentation:Natural fermentation (3 days)
Drying Method:African best (40 days)

Coffee details


Nose striked with a nice cherry up front. The fragrance & aroma are enriched with lots of jasmine, caramel, grape, peach, bergamot, black cherry, blueberry, hibiscus, red candy, all kinds of fruits, 60% chocolate & light blueberry.

Flavor boosted & refined, from hot to cold, by notes of lime, lemon, jasmine, vanilla flower, dark & baker's chocolate, orange, nectarine, pineapple, violets, jackfruit, mammee apple, spices, black currant, coconut, tamarind, nectarine, pink fruits, raisins, fresh cacao, dried fruits, light cacao nibs, grapes, mango, tropical fruits, cloves, cedar, vanilla, cherry, grapefruits, raspberry, passion fruit, cider, wine, perfume, dark chocolate, wax apple, high purple fruits & medium black berries.

The aftertaste is beautiful & long. Is juicy, peachy, with layers of dark chocolate, prune, raspberry, jasmine & ripe fruits.
Acidity in this baby is just so complex. Is medium at first, then spikes. The ride begins very lemony, then turns high in florals & fruits; medium in green tea herbals. Then the flowers expand to hibiscus tea with lemongrass all throughout. It keeps on going with an orange fruit that gives way to a persistent mouth-watering & juicy experience. To complement it all then turns even more sweet & malic with all kinds of apple expressions.
The smooth body covers it all & it comes to take control all the way to the end. Elegant, silky, creamy, mellowly, leathery & slightly heavy with nectarine & milky mouthfeel sensations.

Well balanced & structured with full depth dimension. You can feel the fine process.

Very clean, juicy, uniform and sweet. Has lots of different types of sweetness... lots of panela, toffee, honey, caramel, sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar, molasses, sugar cane, sundried tomato, sweet black tea & white grapes.

Exceptional finish. Consistent & elegant. Overall, the coffee is very complex with mixed juices as it cools. Engaging malic acidity transformation at the end to wrap it up. So enjoyable. Lots of red apples, peaches & florals. Nice geisha, geisha.. Geisha.. Very juicy, winey, with lots of purple fruits, raspberry, lavender, roses, strawberries, jasmine & lychees. Enjoy it!

Farm details

Producer Name: Maria Antonella Amoruso
Farm Name: Finca Lerida
Country: PANAMA
Farm Size: 4.0 ha
Altitude Range: 1,500 masl
Location: Jaramillo, Boquete

Producer Story:

La Esplendorosa Estate holds a special place in the heart of Lerida Coffee Estate. Is in Jaramillo micro-region, Boquete. It enjoys a direct view of the magnificent Baru Volcano. This is where the dream and reality of Lerida Coffee Estate all started and where it has grown from. You can see Lerida across the Boquete Valley. Thus impacting the scenery and playing an important role in the breathtaking energy that all Boquete micro-regions have to offer.

Is a 100% Panama Geisha estate. This is where Maria Antonella's home is located. It's surrounded by 8 hectares of delightful geisha coffee trees. She enjoys every bit of it.

The history of Lerida started with love for family, a paradise and coffee. Nowadays it continues with love in the same terms. Love that gave fruits through Julia and Tollef Monniche in Boquete in their period and continues today through the hearts and hands of Maria Antonella Amoruso, Juan Carlos Areces and their family.

Nevertheless, throughout its existence it has played a capital role in the history of Panama, being the first farm to export coffee to Germany in 1929. Thus, leading the way for a premature specialty coffee industry for this blessed, humble and small country. Yes... those first coffee beans were very special in the cup (check out the link for more information). Today is no less with the Panama Geisha varietal that we cherish too.

What started back then as a family coffee consumption for the Monniches soon. turned to a family business. Today is no different for Maria and Juan Carlos.
They love the panamanian specialty coffee industry and what has turned out to be with the added main role of the Panama Geisha. They now follow the lead that it plays for the whole Panama coffee industry. As maturing specialty coffee producers, they are being impacted not only by their family and the industry but also by all the families that together gravitate surrounded by the same beautiful forests, birds and exotic coffee history that enriches Lerida's beautiful cup.


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