Lot V-13: Kotowa Duncan - Café Kotowa

Harvesting of this lot took place on January 20th, with the coffee being meticulously handpicked. The natural process involves a three-day fermentation period, followed by five days of shade drying and 23 days of sun drying. Duncan is on the eastern side of the Baru Volcano.
Ethiopian Wild Heirloom varieties come from the CATIE (Research Station) collection from introductions from the FAO expeditions to Africa in 1960.


Lot Description

Reference Number:V-13
Opening Bid:$60.00/kg
Weight:25 kgs
Varietal:Ethiopian Wild Heirloom Code 4505
Altitude:1750 m
Harvest: January 20th, 2023
Location:Western Side of Boquete, El Salto Plateau.

Coffee details

Farm details

Farm Name: Café Kotowa
Country: PANAMA
Altitude Range: 1750 m
Average Temperature: 22C max and 13C min°C
Location: Western Side of Boquete, El Salto Plateau.
Average Rainfall: 1900 mm combination of Pacific rain from May to Nov and Atlantic rain from Dec to Jan

Producer Story:

Duncan is on the eastern side of the Baru Volcano, the latest geological formation of Panama, 1.5 million years ago. Eruptions up to 1000 years ago created soil plateaus and canyons that face the east and the morning sun and it is influenced mostly by Pacific rain but also with a light influence from the Caribbean rains in January. This terroir develops tropical red fruits, raspberry and cherry sweet notes.

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