Coffee and cupping details


Washed is the process used for this batch, and was named -Loma Caña- because it is collected in a sloping plot which is surrounded by a cane plantation.

It begins with the selection of the best beans in its shape and proper ripening for extract its top attributes.

Once collected, it proceeds to fruit purification, cleaning possible organic matter presence. Then, it is immersed in water to separate vain beans from whole and complete beans, this process is done full manually.

Next step is the mechanical pulping, and then, beans are poured into a vat for overnight fermentation.

Next day, once fermentation time has elapsed, coffee mass is washed manually to remove mucilage and honey that it contains, and it is put on african raised beds for the sun slow-drying process.

Once humidity percentage is between 10% – 11%, we proceed to pack it in special bags to safe them in deposits to protect them from light. Beans are in repose for 3 months with a temperature and RH rigorous control.

Thanks to this procedure, we have achieved excellent result for this Geisha Washed category.

Boxes: 2
Weight: 100 lbs

Farm details


Located at Alto Jaramillo, Boquete, 1500 masl. Three hectares surrounded by sweet lemon and cane plantations, with an excellent mountain microclimate that is favorable for coffee cultivation.

Farm development begins on 1960’s decade with the arriving of Silicia Toledo family, whom stared agricultural activities including creole coffee planting. On 2011, Jose D. Candanedo and Sueleny Sicilia resume the coffee activity making important changes and introducing the Geisha coffee, unique variety sowed in the farm nowadays.

Top Performing Farm: Las Delicias Estate
Top Performing Farmer: Jose D. Candanedo
Processing Method: Anaerobic fermentation with Yeast Inoculation for 96 hours in plastic tank

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