A very interesting and historic fact in the BOP. Our ELIDA CATUAI is also another record-breaking like the geisha, it won and got the highest price in the BOP 2002 with its Elida Catuai washed when there was only the washed category. The highest price that year in the auction was the $2.37/lb fetched by the ECW and last year 2019 was $60/lb for the Elida Catuai Natural ASD.

Eighteen years later our Elida Catuai is still in the BOP auction. We got 6th place out of 32 lots that entered this year proof of continuity, reliability and consistancy.

THE ELIDA CATUAI NATURAL ASD LOT it placed 1st with the Local Jury, 7 National judges gave it over 90pts: ELIDA CATUAI NATURAL Anaerobic Slow Dry.

After you try it you will understand why it was designed for champions in any World Brewer’s or Barista competition.

The ultra-high elevation ELIDA ESTATE Farm goes from 1,700m to 2,060m, part of it is located within the Volcán Barú National Park VBNP, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds and mammals. The farm has a total of 65ha of which 40ha are planted with: Catuai, Geisha and a bit of Typica, the rest is private forest reserve or is inside the VBNP.

For several years, we have offered the third-wave coffee roaster our super-especial Elida coffees: Washed, Honey and Natural and this year, after much experimentation for years, this 2019 we mastered our NATURAL-ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry) process with tremendous success making the National and International Jury spend a great deal of time commenting on this unique and super-special lot: THE ELIDA CATUAI NATURAL ASD.



The coffees are produced under a unique climate, soil and location. The farm is located at a very high elevation (one of the highest coffee farms in Panamá)in between the Caribbean (35km to the north) and the Pacific (55km to the south). The coffee is grown in rich young volcanic soils at low temperatures. An abundance of fog and mist during the ripening season greatly draws out the process, allowing the exotic attributes of our GEISHA to develop to its fullest potential. The coffee trees are surrounded by virgin rainforest populated by a great number of beneficial microorganisms: yeasts, bacteria, etc.

Nights at the lowest edge of the coffee’s temperature tolerance allow the trees to produce for upwards of 6 ½ years (2-4 years longer than average), as well as extending the ripening time by a month, which is reflected in the development of the bean’s rich flavor profile. All of these unique growing conditions show in a distinguished cup.

This BOP, as in 2019, none of the Lamastus Family lots submitted were rejected by either the local or the international panel of the Juries.

Coffee and cupping details

Boxes: 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Score: 88.5

Farm details

Top Performing Farm: ELIDA ESTATE
Top Performing District: ALTO QUIEL, BOQUETE
Farm Size: 65.0 ha
Farm Location: 8.8106, 82.4824
Farm Elevation: 1700-2060
Average Rainfall: 2800
Processing Method: Natural ASD
Drying Method: BEDS


Other info

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