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Damarli Estate is located in Volcancito/Palmira Arriba area of Boquete. This gives it a distinct weather and terrior. First Damarli Estate rarely receives any of the Bajareque, which is the misty rain (originating from Bocas de Toro) that is blown over from the continental divide by the trade winds. This is due to the location as Volcancito is located on the Volcan Baru and has more distance from the continental divide. This climate gives us the ability to wait until the coffee is ripe without the concern of rain, which can cause cherries to break and result in an early harvest. Additionally it allows us to dry on raised beds without a greenhouse, thus more sun exposure and a drier climate.
Damarli Estate
Damarli Estate has 6 different plots within the farm, each with distinct exposures and microclimates. We have very young Pacamara and are in our 3rd year of production. It is still a very small quantity.
Pacamara is planted in Vista Mar, Vista Baru and in Bosque Seco. Visit our website to read more about the different plots at Damarli Estate.
We have two dedicated harvesters who specialize in harvesting Pacamara in order to pick them in optimal ripeness. As Pacamara is a large berry, it can be deceptive, as it can look ripe when in reality it hasn’t reached peak. This is why it is key to have educated harvesters. Small bags are also used to pick Pacamara in order to ensure no bruising of the fruit.
Dry Process
We do four processes at Damarli Estate. Washed, Natural, Honey and Noble (Full Macerated Cherry). The majority of our coffee is Natural (80%), Washed (upon request), Honey (upon request) and as much as we can as Noble.
Noble Process
Doing our Noble Process is the most labor intensive due to the amount of care that needs to be taken. Steps taken:
1) Float Coffee Cherry
2) Hand Sort Coffee Cherry
3) Place Coffee Cherry in maceration tanks
4) Fill with water and add yeast then seal
5) Monitor pH and brix
6) Pull coffee from tanks once optimal levels are reached (5-10days)
7) Dry on raised beds evenly, with constant monitoring

8) Coffee is moved regularly to ensure consistent drying and dried to 9.5-10%
9) Stored in our odor free warehouse at constant temperature until Best of
Panama submission
Dry Milling and Preparation
1) Pealed at a particular mill in Boquete to ensure beans are not cut or damaged
2) Sized 17-20 screen size
3) Oliver Density Machine
4) Hand picked
5) Machine color selected
6) Vaccuum Sealed Bag and in Box (Done by SCAP)

Damarli Estate Story
Damarli Estate is a specialty coffee farm located in Boquete, Panama. The estate dates back to 1995 when David Pech, a photographer in the United States and his wife Lia Pech (Ruiz) bought the farm from the neighboring Bruña family. Lia’s family, the Ruiz family, had been heavily involved in the coffee industry in Boquete for four generations; thus David and Lia were encouraged to get involved with the family industry as well.
Damarli, as a name came from a combination of the original investors: David and Lia and David’s father and mother (Manfred and Ruth Pech) – DA- for David, MA- for Manfred, R – for Ruth and LI – for Lia.
The estate was planted in 1996 and began to produce in 2001. For over one decade Damarli Estate sold the raw coffee cherries to Café Ruiz, which was Lia’s family’s coffee business. In 2014, David and Lia’s son Keith moved from the United States to Panama in order to begin a new project at Damarli Estate. This was the beginning of a new chapter at Damarli Estate.
Keith began to identify all the unique coffee varieties that were grown at Damarli Estate and market them internationally. Keith and David began to process their own coffee at the estate in a way that would create sweet and unique cup profiles that had little to no water waste. They built a house on the estate to accept visitors, a new mill and drying beds to process all the coffees and a coffee tasting lab to accept international buyers. Damarli Estate is a beautiful farm filled with tropical birds, tall canopy forests and enchanting sunrises.

Lot Description

Reference Number:PACN-01
Opening Bid:$10.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

Farm details

Region: Palmira Arriba/Volcancito, Boquete
Farm Elevation: 1450-1500m
Average Rainfall: 2000-2200mm

Other info

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