Lot Description

Reference Number:PAC-02
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs
Process:Macerated Fermentation
Drying Method:Raised Beds

Coffee details


Damarli Estate is located in Volcancito, Boquete, Panama at 1500 MASL. About 70% of the estate enjoys a great southern exposure and has dry summers avoiding the bajareque that is common in regions closer to the continental divide. This is great for drying slowly ensuring equal and consistent drying. The estate is beautiful with plenty of tropical birds, tall canopy forests and enchanting sunrises.

Farm details

Producer Name: DAVID PECH
Region: Boquete
Town: Volcancito
Farm Elevation: 1500 masl

Producer Story:

Damarli Estate Noble Pacamara comes from 5 year old Pacamara plants from several small plots within the estate.

This coffee was carefully picked, floated and hand sorted to only allow truly ripe cherries.

We use the word “noble” to indicate that it was a full cherry macerated fermentation done in tanks. After the fermentation the coffee was dried on raised beds in the sun until they reached about 9-9.5% MC with frequent movement to ensure consistent drying.

We had several lots that we did the “Noble” process and in our cupping lab we chose which one we thought would compete best in the Best of Panama competition.

In 2019 our Noble Pacamara took 1st place in the Best of Panama. This year we took 2nd place, showing true consistency in the production of exotic and high scoring Pacamara.


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