Lot GN-15: Catalina 23 Reserve - Auromar

This lot was carefully harvested at 1650 meters above sea level on February 11, 2023. The beans, grown on 11-year-old trees under native tree shade, underwent a classic natural drying process on African beds for 25 days. After a 58-day rest in a humidity-isolated cellar, they were meticulously hulled, classified, and hand-selected. The resulting cup reveals consistent characteristics, with aromatic notes of roses, tropical fruits, brown sugar, chocolate, strawberries, jasmine, raisin, black tea, pineapple, mango, lemongrass, caramel, blackberries, citrus, orange, red apple, lychee, and lavender.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GN-15
Opening Bid:$100.00/kg
Weight:25 kgs

Coffee details

Farm details

Farm Name: Auromar
Country: PANAMA

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