Rich, lavish, elegantly sweet-tart and complexly layered. In aroma and cup, intricately expressed citrus sweet lime, grapefruit, blood orange); spice (coriander, mace); lilac-like flowers; almond; cocoa. Grand but balanced in structure; plump and delicately syrupy in mouthfeel. Everything rounds and deepens in a flavor-saturated finish.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GW-05
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

Coffee details


Depulped 36 hours traditional instant fermentation, eco-washed, artificial shade drying + wind. Average relative humidity 45%

Farm details

Producer Name: Panama Red Carmen Café Trading, S. A.
Farm Name: Finca Carmen
Region: Tierras Altas
Town: Paso Ancho
Farm Elevation: 1,750 masl

Producer Story:

The Volcán Valley, home of Finca Carmen, at an altitude of 5,600 ft (1,750 meters) is the most important area in mountain and shade grown coffee plantations of The Barú Volcano region in Panama. The valley follows the course of the Chiriquí Viejo river as it flows down from the mountains of Cerro Punta to the Pacific Ocean. Their rich volcanic black soil and superb drainage are ideal for our Arabica Coffee. The valley ́s region is heavily influenced by its proximity to both Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The cool, frost-free nights of the area are coupled with dry, sun-drenched days which, together, create optimal growing conditions.

Volcan’s pairing of excellent volcanic black soils with an outstanding micro-enviroment has led to its recognition as one of the finest coffee growing regions of

Panamá. In 1960 Efrain and Carmen Franceschi began cultivating arabica coffee varieties on their estates and The Franceschi Family has been involved in agriculture for more than 50 years in the heart of the Barú Volcano region. Since 2014 our estate has been certified C.A.F.E. PRACTICES program for conservation of tropical eco-system through innovative agricultural management. Every cup is a reflection of the family ́s passion, pride and dedication to the production of fine quality coffee.

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