Lot V-08: Canyon Delight - Finca Los Cenizos

The Canyon Delight lot is a true expression of the rich coffee culture of Panama. This coffee of the Caturra variety thrives in an area of the canyon where Finca Los Cenizos receives the most hours of sunlight during the day and delicate shade from cenizo trees in the afternoon. A longer summer season in Cerro Punta allowed cherries to obtain the highest concentration of sugar we have seen in years. A careful harvest and delicate processing using spring water from the farm made this coffee stand out in all our 2023 cupping sessions.The ultra-high altitude gives this traditional washed coffee a balanced cup with bright acidity, an abundance of floral notes, and outstanding tropical fruits.

Lot Description

Reference Number:V-08
Opening Bid:$60.00/kg
Weight:25 kgs

Coffee details

Farm details

Farm Name: Finca Los Cenizos
Country: PANAMA

Producer Story:

Finca Los Cenizos is a family-owned and operated coffee farm located in the highlands of Cerro Punta. It's a beautiful volcanic soil canyon surrounded by exotic flora and fauna. Our coffee plantations have a unique microclimate for different reasons; they are surrounded by several water springs, and partially covered by the shade of Ash trees that date back more than 100 years. Due to those reasons and its unique location, coffee trees are able to conserve their precious energy and provide for high-density coffee beans. This helps to extend the ripening season which helps in the development of all attributes of this exemplar Geisha and Varietal Coffees. All of the care and detailed process along with our exclusive location provides a product that we are extremely proud of. Our experienced labor team is 99% Ngäbe Bugle tribe working very hard to maintain high standards. Our farm is dedicated to ensure a one of a kind coffee cup experience.

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