The term Brumas with which the farm is identified, arises as a result of the cloudiness that generally surrounds the farm, mainly at dusk. This cloudiness, permanent winds with intervals of rain and sun determines an excellent place to which the coffee plantations have adapted, highlighting extraordinary cup profiles.

We produce coffee under the concept of specialty coffee since 2009, the date on which its current owner, César Isaac Araúz Vega; installed an ecological module for the processing of this select product called coffee.

We maintain heights from 1300 to 1500 meters above sea level. The farm is located in the place known as "Santa Clara de Renacimiento", in the Province of Chiriquí, which is located a few kilometers from La Amistad International Park, which is classified as the Mesoamerican biological corridor of the Panamanian Atlantic.

The farm has an excellent blend of the varieties "Caturra-Catuai" which has earned him several awards in the Best of Panama in previous editions and in the current auction, winning the first place in the category of Traditional Traditionals with Process.

In the same way there are other varieties such as Pacamara, and of course Geisha, varieties that are distributed as Caturra and Catuaí in an area of ​​24 hectares of low coffee and shade and sun, segmented into 14 lots that contains the farm and on which a careful selection is made to maintain the special quality standards of the coffees produced on the farm.

The profile of the cup of Brumas Panama is identified in the processes washed as it contains a lot of panela or sweetness with citrus and chocolate notes. In natural processes it is identified as containing red fruits, intrinsically citrus notes and sweet at the same time with medium to creamy bodies and a highly durable post on the palate of the consumer.

Lot Description

Reference Number:TN-01
Opening Bid:$10.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs

Farm details

Producer Name: César Isaac Araúz Vega
Region: Santa Clara, Renacimiento
Farm Elevation: 1.500.00 Metros

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