FINCA LA AURORA is located between 1570 and 1770 MASL in the highlands of Candela, Chiriquí, Panama. FINCA LA AURORA is comprised of 30.5 hectares. The total farmed area is 14.5 hectares in the lower 2/3 of the elevation. The rest remains preserved forest.

Because of altitude and the microclimate from the forest, the harvest begins late in December and ends in mid-March. The beans take full benefit of the drop-in humidity between December and January at season´s change, and the sunny dry summer that runs through mid-April. The outcome such combination, forest, shade and late harvest is a limited-supply, highly complex
coffee, very consistent every harvest.

The Auromar Geishas:

All the Auromar production is hand collected at the peak of ripeness.
Harvesters are paid a premium and a bonus well above the industry standards so to carefully pick only the ripe cherries. After collection in the field, the beans are micro selected upon arrival at the mill, from here the Auromar Geisha is processed either as a regular Washed or processed as Natural.





Coffee and cupping details


Known as Ironman since 2013, when it won the first place on the best of Panama, the Auromar Geisha washed is the flagship of the farm and our ambassador to all markets. Early and late season cherries are the main volume of the washed that goes through between 12 to 18 hours of fermentation after de-pulping. Washed beans are sun dried. Once dried to the optimal humidity the beans go through two rounds of manual selection before being let to rest for no less than six weeks.

The 2020 Geisha Washed Ironman IV was only a notch away from the 10 best Washed Geishas in the BOP. Always a very clean cup, the Ironman IV enhances the common traits of the Auromar terroir, citrus and floral notes. The coffee develops subtle undertones of Jazmin, lemon grass and orange.

Boxes: 2
Weight: 100 lbs

Farm details

Top Performing Farmer: ROBERTO BRENES
Top Performing District: CHIRIQUI
Top Performing Village: PIEDRA DE CANDELA
Farm Size: 14.5 ha
Farm Elevation: 1570 and 1770 masl

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