Best of Panama eAuction - Specialty Coffee 2017

Welcome to XXI Best of Panama Specialty Coffee eAuction - 2017.

This eAuction will provide the following:

  • Registration option - and further approval for Auction Participation
  • Opportunity to bid for lots via internet and in real-time
  • Coffee Lots are from Traditional Washed, Honey & Natural, and, Exotic Washed, Honey, & Natural coffees
  • Participation in the 2016-2017 Panama Coffee Harvest
  • Auction Registration & Sample Request takes place here 

To be held on July 18th, 2017 

  • LOS ANGELES - 16:00 PM
  • PANAMA - 18:00 PM
  • NEW YORK - 19:00 PM

and on July 19th, 2017

  • LONDON - 00:00 AM
  • TAIPEI - 07:00 AM
  • SHANGHAI - 07:00 AM
  • TOKYO - 08:00 AM
  • SEOUL - 08:00 AM
  • SYDNEY - 09:00 AM

Overall Auction Description

Bidding Agreement

Lots in this auction

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
BOP-GW-012100lbs$1.00$254.80/lb$25,480.00SophiaSaza Coffee & Aroma Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GW-022100lbs$1.00$51.00/lb$5,100.00Carmen Geisha HARU International Corp FINISHED
BOP-GW-032100lbs$1.00$62.50/lb$6,250.00Santamaria Geisha Lavado Campos Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GW-042100lbs$1.00$42.00/lb$4,200.00Carmen Geisha El Palomar Dragonfly Coffee Roasters FINISHED
BOP-GW-052100lbs$1.00$58.30/lb$5,830.00Esmeralda Geisha El Velo Washed Campos Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GW-062100lbs$1.00$53.00/lb$5,300.00Geisha Reserva Luttrell Lavado Awesome Hunter Project Trading Co.,LTD.& SamKing.Gor(三金哥) FINISHED
BOP-GW-072100lbs$1.00$55.00/lb$5,500.00Nuguo Washed M.A.I.F. Trading Co.Ltd & Brave Roasters Thailand FINISHED
BOP-GW-082100lbs$1.00$71.00/lb$7,100.00Duncan CAFELAND極品咖啡莊園/THE FEW COFFEE & GOODS少數派/郝顏秀/Blossom Valley Intl宸嶧國際, FINISHED
BOP-GW-092100lbs$1.00$44.00/lb$4,400.00Las Brujas Ontheup International Co., Ltd. FINISHED
BOP-GW-104200lbs$1.00$96.00/lb$19,200.00Cantar Don Tito CAFELAND極品咖啡莊園/THE FEW COFFEE & GOODS少數派/郝顏秀/Blossom Valley Intl宸嶧國際, FINISHED
BOP-GW-112100lbs$1.00$46.00/lb$4,600.00Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes Washed cosmetocafe FINISHED
BOP-GW-123150lbs$1.00$28.00/lb$4,200.00Baby Geisha Washed 甲匠咖啡烘焙 FINISHED
BOP-GW-132100lbs$1.00$49.00/lb$4,900.00Elida Geisha Washed Green Tip GAE ROCK FINISHED
BOP-GW-142100lbs$1.00$45.00/lb$4,500.00Altieri Geisha Lavado EL CAFE coffee roasters FINISHED
BOP-GW-154200lbs$1.00$40.10/lb$8,020.00Manzana Honey Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Oklao Specialty Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GW-162100lbs$1.00$52.00/lb$5,200.00Mama Cata Geisha seven seeds FINISHED
BOP-GW-172100lbs$1.00$51.00/lb$5,100.00Bamboo Geisha Honey M.A.I.F. Trading Co.Ltd & Gallery Drip Coffee (แกลอรี่ กาแฟดริป) Thailand FINISHED
BOP-GW-182100lbs$1.00$50.00/lb$5,000.00Auromar Ironman llFull Sweet & KaKaLove & 拾穗咖啡(Taiwan) FINISHED
BOP-GW-192100lbs$1.00$27.00/lb$2,700.00Principe Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Cupping spoon specialty coffee (咖啡匙) FINISHED
BOP-GW-206300lbs$1.00$31.00/lb$9,300.00Aromatish Honey Common Grounds Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GW-212100lbs$1.00$48.00/lb$4,800.00El Burro Geisha Honey Grand Cru Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GW-223150lbs$1.00$22.00/lb$3,300.00Geisha Lote Milva Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Oklao Specialty Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GN-012100lbs$1.00$601.00/lb$60,100.00Esmeralda Geisha Cañas Verdes Natural KEW Specialty Coffee Ltd, Sydney Coffee Business Pty Ltd, SAZA COFFEE JAPAN FINISHED
BOP-GN-022100lbs$1.00$84.00/lb$8,400.00Altieri Geisha Natural Brew92 FINISHED
BOP-GN-033150lbs$1.00$82.10/lb$12,315.00Santamaria Geisha Natural Campos Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GN-042100lbs$1.00$62.98/lb$6,298.00Nuguo Natural Sensory Artisan 感味宮匠 for Artisan Roastery, sensory ZERO, Xen Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GN-053150lbs$1.00$87.00/lb$13,050.00Cantar Dorado Ruiseñor Campos Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GN-064200lbs$1.00$40.00/lb$8,000.00Estribi Natural Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Qing Dao TonyClub cafe FINISHED
BOP-GN-072100lbs$1.00$76.50/lb$7,650.00LeridaBailies Coffee Company FINISHED
BOP-GN-082100lbs$1.00$60.00/lb$6,000.00Elida Geisha Green Tip Natural Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Oklao Specialty Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GN-092100lbs$1.00$55.00/lb$5,500.00Auromar Camilina ll7340 FINISHED
BOP-GN-102100lbs$1.00$51.00/lb$5,100.00Panacoffee NaturalEL CAFE coffee roasters FINISHED
BOP-GN-112100lbs$1.00$41.98/lb$4,198.00Janson Geisha Alpes Black Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & Qing Dao TonyClub cafe FINISHED
BOP-GN-122100lbs$1.00$151.00/lb$15,100.00Esmeralda Geisha Jaramillo Sensory Artisan 感味宮匠 for Artisan Roastery, sensory ZERO, Xen Coffee FINISHED
BOP-GN-132100lbs$1.00$78.00/lb$7,800.00Duncan CAFELAND極品咖啡莊園/THE FEW COFFEE & GOODS少數派/郝顏秀/Blossom Valley Intl宸嶧國際, FINISHED
BOP-GN-142100lbs$1.00$165.00/lb$16,500.00La Mula Aroma Coffee & Saza Coffee FINISHED
BOP-TN-014200lbs$0.50$47.20/lb$9,440.00Elias Sweet NaturalSaza Coffee & Aroma Coffee FINISHED
BOP-TN-022100lbs$0.50$30.50/lb$3,050.00Las BrujasBrew92 FINISHED
BOP-TN-032100lbs$0.50$27.50/lb$2,750.00Duncan HARU International Corp, FINISHED
BOP-TN-042100lbs$0.50$22.50/lb$2,250.00El Burro NaturalBlack Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & TonyClub cafe Qianru coffee FINISHED
BOP-TN-052100lbs$0.50$20.50/lb$2,050.00Carmen Gran Reserva Wataru & Co., Ltd FINISHED
BOP-TN-062100lbs$0.50$14.70/lb$1,470.00Typica Supreme Natural Wataru & Co., Ltd FINISHED
BOP-TW-012100lbs$0.50$33.00/lb$3,300.00Moi Honey HARU International Corp, GK Coffee FINISHED
BOP-TW-022100lbs$0.50$26.00/lb$2,600.00El Principe del CafeBlack Gold Coffee Co., Ltd. & TonyClub cafe HAO MENG JIE FINISHED
BOP-TW-032100lbs$0.50$46.00/lb$4,600.00Esmeralda Bourbon Pointu Washed Difference Coffee Co. FINISHED
BOP-TW-042100lbs$0.50$19.50/lb$1,950.00Carmen Special Reserve 1639 FINISHED
BOP-TW-053150lbs$0.50$18.00/lb$2,700.00Candela Campos Coffee FINISHED
BOP-TW-062100lbs$0.50$14.50/lb$1,450.00Don Mariano Honey Dutch Barista Coffee Company FINISHED
BOP-PAC-012100lbs$0.50$22.00/lb$2,200.00Royal Pacamara Natural 1639 FINISHED
BOP-PAC-022100lbs$0.50$15.70/lb$1,570.00Pacamara Don maximo CAFELAND極品咖啡莊園/THE FEW COFFEE & GOODS少數派/郝顏秀/Blossom Valley Intl宸嶧國際, FINISHED
BOP-PAC-032100lbs$0.50$14.00/lb$1,400.00Doña ElviraBeans Here co.,ltd. FINISHED
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