Lot GW-16: Altieri Geisha Washed

Four-time prize winning Specialty Coffee in the annual Best of Panama coffee competition since 2014. The greatest extension of cultivation on the farm is Geisha coffee due to the great advantages that various microclimates create on Mima Estates. This, together with a meticulous care of coffee traceability, ensures the best cup with a special and complex combination of many flavors. 

The Ale plot is at an altitude of 1820 masl. The terrain is deeper and more inclined with fertile soil. Most of the plot is located under the shadow in a protected forest of the Baru Volcano in our Mimas Estate farm at Alto Quiel, Boquete.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GW-16
Opening Bid:$50.00/lb
Weight:100 lbs
Altitude:1830 masl
Harvest:February 3, 2022
Producer:Altieri Specialty Coffee

Coffee details


After picking, the cherries are placed in floating water to select the best cherries. Afterwards, the pulp is removed, and the beans are placed in water for a period of 24 hours for the fermentation process to begin with the natural yeast of the terroir at a room of 18ºC. Afterwards, the coffee is cleaned with abundant pressured water. Then, the coffee is sundried in our African beds in our Greenhouse located in our Mimas Estate farm at 1800 masl for 6 days. Afterwards, the beans are placed in our controlled temperature and humidity warehouse for resting in grain pro bags.

Farm details

Producer Name: Altieri
Farm Name: Mima Estate
Country: PANAMA
Region: Boquete
Town: Alto Quiel (Callejon Seco)
Farm Size: 45.0 ha
Altitude Range: 1800-2200 masl
Average Temperature: 16.5-22.3°C
Crop Size: 12 ha
Farm Elevation: 1830 masl

Other info

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