Best of Panama

Each sample set contains:

Two boxes with 25 bags of 100g each bag

  • 36 Geisha
  • 14 Varietals

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'The Best of Panama' (BoP) is a platform serving Panamanian growers who are interested in the development of high-quality coffees. Growers participate through innovation & blind cupping exercises to discover and learn Panamanian Optimum Coffee Quality. This framework is fully designed and organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) - a Panamanian non-profit Coffee Growers/Processors Association.

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"We are Regions" is the identity of The Best of Panama 2022.

This theme has been chosen as our way of celebrating the 55 farms participating in the competition. The regions are a way for us to highlight the breadth and biodiversity of each of the regions' terroir. Each region expresses and demonstrates the skills and dedication of the producers and their teams in different ways. This diversity is our way of presenting our best Specialty Coffee profiles to the world.

A limited edition piece that reflects the essence of our lands, the dedication of the families who put their love and hard work into the rich Panamanian soil and the pride and reward that comes from enjoying a cup of our coffee.

Carolina Corcuera Textile Designer & Illustrator
@unicaroverse_estudio |

"25 million coffee growers from around the world, are watching what Panamanian Coffee Growers do, because 15 years ago, the best coffee in the world was introduce by the Peterson family. This is when a new movement was born, the movement of luxury coffee."

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