29th August, 2023 at 18:00 hrs Panama

30th August, 2023 at 00:00 hrs London

30th August, 2023 at 08:00 hrs Tokyo

The Best of Panama Auction 2023 is the result of the 27th Edition of The Best of Panama Competition.

This year we will be auctioning 36 Geisha Microlots scoring 92+ alongside 14 more Varietal Microlots scoring 89.13 and above!


Best of Panama

The Best Coffee of Panama

Since 1996, the Best of Panama represents the opportunity for local estates to promote the quality of their harvests, as this competition is overseen and judged by national and international experts in the specialty coffee industry. For us, coffee growers, the Best of Panama is a very important event, as it continuously raises the bar for the quality we strive to offer in our product.

Finally, the competition has finished and we have selected the best 50 lots with scores 92+ for Geishas (washed and natural) and scores 89.13+ for Varietal non-Geishas (washed and natural). Register and get ready to bid!

Auction times in your Region

29th August, 2023

  • 16:00 PM : Los Angeles
  • 18:00 PM : Panama
  • 19:00 PM : New York

30th August, 2023

  • 00:00 AM : London
  • 02:00 AM : Riyadh
  • 03:00 AM : Dubai
  • 07:00 AM : Shanghai
  • 08:00 AM : Tokyo
  • 08:00 AM : Seoul
  • 10:00 AM : Sydney

What is the best of Panama

The Best of Panama is a platform developed to support Panamanian coffee growers in promoting their high-quality coffees through the evaluation of the coffee lots in the different stages of the competition. The evaluation of the national and international panel of judges allows the producer to better understand what the buyers are looking for, not only in quality but also in flavors and processes.

The Best of Panama is 100% designed and organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama..


Sample Set

$2000 usd

Each sample set contains:

  • Two boxes with 25 bags of 100g each bag
  • 36 Geisha
  • 14 Varietals (traditionals)

*Please note that only approved and selected bidders will have the opportunity to order a sample set. We kindly request your patience as our team thoroughly reviews all the applications.






  • 18 Different lots
  • Highest score: 96.25
  • Lot weight: 25 kg
  • Opening price: $100.00/kg
Panama Geisha




  • 18 Different lots
  • Highest score: 96.5
  • Lot weight: 25 kg
  • Opening price: $100.00/kg
Panama Geisha




  • 14 Different lots
  • Highest score: 92.38
  • Lot weight: 25 kg
  • Opening price: $60.00/kg

Process of the BoP competition

Main Objective: Organoleptic Evaluation of Specialty Coffee Lots grown in Panamá

Procedure: Blind Tasting by coffee categories

  • Preliminary Judges: at least seven Panamanian Coffee Cuppers who have participated – and have evaluated appropriately – all rounds in previous BoP Competition.
  • International Judges: at least seven green specialty coffee buyers
  • Procedure Assurance: carried out by a third-party auditing group.

BoP Competition:

  • Coffee lot delivered to the controlled area under the supervision of a third-party auditor firm
  • The coffee lot sample is taken from the delivered quantity
  • The coffee lot and sample are randomly identified
  • Sample for roasting delivered with random number id
  • Tasting coffees by id number and by category
  • Minimum a table per judge with five cups per sample, maximum nine samples per table
  • Evaluation pages processed by the auditing group
  • Top group mean-score used for passing coffees by category to the International BoP Cupping
  • Generation of new code for the international competition
  • Tasting coffees by new id number and by category
  • Top mean-score coffees awarded as Best of Panama Coffees
  • Top mean-score coffees selected for E-Auction


"25 million of coffee growers from around the world, are watching what Panamanian Coffee Growers do, because 15 years ago, the best coffee of the world was introduce by the Peterson family. There is when a new movement was born, and it is the movement of the luxury coffee."

Will Young


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